Utility Services

Working with Utility Clients

Conexus Recovery & Field Services is working with Utility companies across UK & Ireland to provide a range of services. We work with Live and/or Final accounts and carry out regular meter reads and safety inspection checks.

We are a technology driven company and all our agents visits are recorded using our hand-held devices, this gives our clients confidence that where necessary we can evidence our doorstep visit to show we are treating customers fairly.

Utility Services

  • Meter Reads
  • Arrears Visits
  • Investigations
  • Support
  • Reconnection

Meter reading is one of the most important parts of energy supply. Readings must be reliable and accurate so that energy bills can be so too.

On average, around 90 per cent of all energy supply problems in the UK and Ireland relate to billing and meter readings. That’s why we have a field force to regularly read your meters.

We always make additional attempts if your customers are not available when we call. Our agents are fully trained and always carry an ID card when they call.

We offer our utility clients various types of visits such as obtaining warrants from local courts, carrying out Pre Disconnection Visits or Commercial property disconnections.

These are just a few of the services we can provide Utility clients at Conexus.

Conexus has carried out over 10,000 fraud and theft abstraction investigation visits recently and provided evidence to our clients to enable them to obtain positive results in over 75% of cases. This investigation work has resulted in our clients reclaiming significant amounts of lost revenue due to fraud and theft of supplies.

Conexus uses skilled agents to go to properties and capture as much data, including photographs, GPS locations and any additional data that can assist in helping our clients secure positive results.

We can also offer safety checks on your new customers meters by sending an agent to check the property, meter location and condition of the meter. Full details are captured using our secure handheld technology.

Conexus agents can gather information on new occupiers/tenants to enable our clients to update their records. It is often difficult for utility clients to keep in touch with property tenancy changes, that is where Conexus can visit those properties and pass information back to our clients.

We often come across vulnerable customers and our agents are trained to deal with those situations and assist with resolving any outstanding issue regarding their utilty supplies.

Some clients will use our support service to complete an application process where a visit to the customer will complete that process, it might be just a case of obtaining a signature or entering a meter code. Whatever the need Conexus can supply that important customer support visit.

Some clients only require doorstep activity, we offer a reconnection service either to our call centre or to the clients’. Our field team will visit the customer and after full DPA pass the customer over to the client or our call centre.

All of our doorstep visits are conducted using our hand-held device and all visits are recorded, this safe guards our clients customers and ensures that all customers are treating fairly.

The benefits of using our doorstep utility service

  • Audio recording on every doorstep visit
  • Employed and self-employed doorstep agents
  • Ability to fully investigate customers’ complaints
  • Signatures / photographs captured when required
  • Visits carried out within 4 days from instruction
  • Contact centre support to field team
  • Reconnect customers to our call centre or the clients call centre