Debt Recovery

Bespoke Collections Services

Conexus Recovery & Field Services delivers bespoke collections services for each of our clients throughout the UK and Ireland, operating from our modern designed call centre in Northern Ireland, and with an online capability and our doorstep activity to service our clients’ and customers’ needs.

All of our practices and processes are underpinned by the core principle of Treating (every) Customer Fairly and properly. We accept aged debt at any stage; from regular payers and to early arrears to post write off. We design and implement strategies to suit each client’s portfolio.

Core Services

  • Lettering
  • SMS / Email
  • Telephony
  • Tracing
  • Reconnection

Our lettering service is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, whether you have a handful of letters to send out or tens of thousands.

We offer a bespoke solution to mailing your customers allowing Conexus to reach as many as possible to arrange visits or to re-establish contact back to our call centre.

Conexus provides a high volume print and mail facility that uses exacting quality and security standards meeting ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 standards.

Simple text messages (SMS) and emails can enhance customer relationships and offer a modern approach to customer contact. Conexus uses dedicated SMS numbers or alpha tags to reduce the customer perception that the message is illegitimate.

We can also send or schedule messages to be sent at an optimal time based on your customer demographic profile. Response rates will differ depending on gender, geographic location (metro v regional) or age, for example SMS text messages are particularly effective for younger customers.

Enabling delivery receipts to capture failed deliveries and identify deregistered mobile numbers or email addresses allows for cleansing of customer data. Delivery receipts can also help you build up market intelligence over time to identify the best time to contact users – this can also be done in conjunction with demographic profiles.

Conexus offers a fully compliant telephony service to operate a blended contact centre environment with an inbound ACD, IVR, payment processing line and skill-based routing.

Our Contact Centre staff are highly trained to deal with all customers needs and we put treating customers fairly at the top of our intensive training schedule with our telephone agents. All calls are recorded and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure our staff are providing the high quality service our clients expect of us.

Sometimes it may not be possible to contact your customers based on the contact information you already have. Here at Conexus we provide a comprehensive range of bespoke services to a host of diverse clients across the UK and ROI, offering a nationwide tracing service which identifies and tracks down individuals quickly and efficiently.

It can be very frustrating for our clients who are seeking to resolve an arrears situation, often to the benefit of their customer, when they are simply unable to establish a dialogue with their customer. That’s why our clients turn to Conexus to help them to reconnect with their customers which we do by visiting them at home to reconnect back to the client.  

Our nationwide network of trained professionals typically come from a background where they have extensive experience of dealing with people in vulnerable and stressful situations which means they understand how to approach this often delicate matter and achieve positive results.

A modern, effective tailored approach to debt collection
Within our call centre we use a dialling system, complemented by SMS text messaging to help engage with our client’s customers. We are able to provide as many methods of payment as possible for customers, this includes Direct Debit, card payments, standing order and payments made direct to our clients by their customers.

When we are unable to engage with the customer by letter or telephone we offer doorstep, accounts will be passed to our field team who visit the customer and reconnect the customer to our call centre team who will set up the repayment. All of our doorstep visits are conducted using our hand-held device and all visits are recorded, this safe guards our clients’ customers and ensures that all customers are treating Fairly and properly no matter what collection stage the account is at.