Reconnecting customers

Some clients only require doorstep activity, we offer a reconnection services either to our call centre or to the clients’. Our field team will visit the customer and after full DPA pass the customer over to the client or our call centre.

Again all of our doorstep visits are conducted using our hand-held device and all visits are recorded, this safe guards our clients customers and ensures that all customers are treated fairly and properly no matter what collection stage the account is at.

An effective reconnection service
All of our Field Representatives have an understanding and the importance of Affordability and Vulnerability and are able to handle consumer arrears conversations in line with Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) guidelines. We can make several attempts if the customer is not present or is avoiding contact, if we are certain of residency we may leave a call back card or if circumstances allow leave a letter of appointment, of course our agent will call at various times of the day and into the evening to make every effort to establish contact. We can offer to gather as much information as possible such as providing details of the type and condition of the property, any visible signs of means or otherwise and any other information that may have a positive outcome.