Our aim is always
to treat customers fairly

Professional Service

State of the art technology combined with fully trained
and professional staff ensures you the best service.

Doorstep Field Service

Reconnection doorstep visits using
state of the art technology by trained and professional staff.

Utility Debt Services

Meter reading and debt field visits are carried out
using our handheld technology.

Debt Recovery

An end-to-end debt recovery solution using the latest advanced collection systems offering a fully compliant approach to recover bad debt.

Doorstep Reconnect

We offer a doorstep reconnection service to our (or your) Contact Centre that will put you back in touch with your customers.

Utility Visits

Working with Utility clients across the UK and Ireland, Conexus provides a range of services such as Live and Final arrears collections, PDV Visits or carrying out regular meter reads/checks.

Inspection & Reporting

A service offering a wide range of visits such as property checks/inspections, asset verifying or any type of visit that will give you a full report on your assets.

What We Do

We provide an end-to-end solution for your debt and field services

About Us

Doing the right thing at the right time

Welcome to a leading debt recovery and field services company! Our success is driven by the highest quality customer service. Skilled, trained agents will carry out a fully compliant call or visit, ensuring all customers are treated fairly! Any vulnerabilities are noted and our agents both on our Contact Centre and in the Field are trained to handle vulnerability and affordability matters. of the uncompromising quality of services

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Conexus is your one stop solution for all your field visit needs. There is no doubt that we are one of the most innovative using handheld technology complete with full audio recording. Our agents are equipped with the latest and securest technology available. We can gather any data required during our visits, including electronic signatures, photographs, an audio recording of the conversation, a GPS location or barcodes. All this information can be collated and sent to you to give you a full report on all our visits.

Using Conexus means that all our visits are completed using state of the art handheld technology. That means we can provide full evidence of the visit using our Doorstep Voice Recording (DVR). We are one of only a handful of companies that can offer you this service. If you wish to see it in action then please contact us on the details at the top of this page and we can show you what is possible so that you can see using Conexus is definitely an advantage to your business.

A multi platform contact approach allows Conexus to use modern methods to contact our clients customers. Each method can be tailored to your requirements. We utilise SMS messaging, email as well as traditional lettering and telephone methods. We have full auditing on our systems for each and every contact that is made to customers. We would be happy to demonstrate this to show all our systems are fully compliant.